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Canthium armatum

Ripe fruits of Canthium armatum. Photo Geoff Nichols
Common names: armed turkey-berry, false turkey-berry (Eng.); valsbokdrol, basterbokdrol (Afr.); umphembedu, umvuthwamini, isikhwakwane-inkomazi (isiZulu); mufhaladz
Family: Rubiaceae

... Nichols for sharing his photographs and experience growing Canthium armatum . A shrub or small tree, 1–4 m up to 10 m ... visiting the flowers (Geoff Nichols, pers. comm. 2023). Canthium Canthium armatum is relatively easy to grow from seed. ...

06 / 03 / 2023 | Mulweli Maswoliedza | Compton Herbarium
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Canthium spinosum

Canthium spinosum (Geoff Nichols)
Common names: thorny turkey-berry, coastal turkey-berry, coastal canthium, thorny rock-alder (Eng.); doringklipels, doringbokdrol (Afr.); ubuchopho benja, isiphamba
Family: Rubiaceae

... become invasive. Birds use these plants as nesting sites. Canthium Canthium spinosum is easily propagated by seed. Collect ... is best grown in frost free regions and along the coast. Canthium was named by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785 in ...

16 / 07 / 2018 | Cathbert Makgakga | National Herbarium Pretoria
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Canthium ciliatum

Canthium ciliatum flowers & leaves © G. Nichols
Common names: hairy turkey berry (Eng.); harige bokdrol (Afr.); mulume-khoda (Venda); umnyushulumbe, umdakane, ubuchopho (Xhosa, Zulu), mvutfwamini (Swati).
Family: Rubiaceae

... wrinkled, resembling goat or sheep droppings (Feb - May). Canthium ciliatum flowers & leaves © G. Nichols Occurs from ... and in scrub on rocky outcrops on grassy mountain slopes. Canthium No published information is available on the cultivation and propagation of Canthium ciliatum. It is not grown commercially and there is ...

24 / 01 / 2011 | Beate Hölscher | National Herbarium Pretoria
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Canthium inerme

Leaves and fruits
Common names: turkey-berry; common turkey-berry; criss-cross turkey-berry; Cape date (Eng.); gewone bokdrol; doringels (Afr.); umvuthwamini (Xhosa, Zulu); umnyushul
Family: Rubiaceae

... . C. suberosum is also less extensive in its distribution. Canthium inerme is a relatively common species with a wide ... known to attack more mature plants (Von Breitenbach 1965). Canthium Canthium inerme is relatively easy in terms of propagation ...

12 / 07 / 2004 | Jan-Hakon Burring | Kirstenbosch NBG
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