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Curtisia dentata

Curtisia dentata
Common names: assegai (Eng.); assegaai (Afr.); uSirayi, umGxina (Xhosa); umLahleni (Xhosa, Zulu); uMagunda, uMaginda, umBese, umPhephelelangeni (Zulu); iliNcayi, is
Family: Cornaceae

... in coastal scrub forest where it is a small bushy tree. Curtisia dentata  trees are at their best in medium-moist ... communities nor is it ever dominant or even co-dominant.  Curtisia  is capable of living in the dense shade of a ... young trees grow faster under higher light intensities. Curtisia dentata retains its leaves for 2-4 or more years and ...

05 / 07 / 2004 | Alice Notten | Kirstenbosch NBG
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