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Diospyros natalensis

Diospyros natalensis
Common names: acorn jackal-berry, acorn diospyros, small-leaved jackal-berry (Eng.); akkerjakkalsbessie, fynblaar jakkalsbessie, smalblaarjakkasbessie (Afr); umhlay
Family: Ebenaceae

... the author thanks Geoff Nichols for images, as credited. Diospyros natalensis is a slow growing, much-branched, ... female flowers are solitary in the axils of the leaves. Diospyros natalensis produces a yellowish to orange or red, ... fruits are usually 1-seeded. One subspecies is recognised: Diospyros natalensis subsp. nummularia , the granite ...

14 / 06 / 2021 | Winfred Velephi Ngwenya | Lowveld NBG
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Diospyros scabrida var. cordata

Foliage showing red new growth
Common names: Hard-leaved monkey plum; blinkblaar,hardeblaartolbos (Afr.)
Family: Ebenaceae

... subtropics. In southern Africa both the genera, Euclea and Diospyros are represented. The genus Diospyros has ± 475 species in tropical, subtropical and ... Lesotho and the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape.  Diospyros scabrida var. cordata is mainly confined to the ...

22 / 09 / 2014 | Cherise Viljoen | Kirstenbosch NBG
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Diospyros austro-africana

Dispyros austro-africana tree
Common names: fire-sticks, star-apple (Eng.); kritikom, jakkalsbos, vuurmaakbossie, kraaibessie (Afr.); liperekisi-tsa-makhoaba, senokonoko (South Sotho), umbhongis
Family: Ebenaceae

... Free State National Botanical Garden November 2008   Diospyros austro-africana is a multistemmed shrub or small ... calyx which holds the developing fruit and is unique to Diospyros. Plants are dioecious, either male or female. ... is usually 15 mm in diameter. There are four varieties of Diospyros austro-africana  (a variety is a natural ...

03 / 11 / 2008 | Luambo David Rambuwani | Free State NBG
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Diospyros dichrophylla

Common names: poison star-apple (Eng.); gifsterappel (Afr.); umnqandane (Zulu)
Family: Ebenaceae

... is taken by birds although it is alleged to be poisonous. Diospyros It is difficult to root the Diospyros species from tip or semi-hardwood cuttings (Nichols ... are ideal on the highveld for smaller gardens. The word Diospyros was derived from the Greek words, dios, meaning ...

26 / 11 / 2007 | K Behr | Pretoria NBG
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Diospyros mespiliformis

Green fruits
Common names: African ebony, jackal-berry (Eng.); jakkalsbessie (Afr.); Musuma (Tshivenda); Mgula (Tsonga)
Family: Ebenaceae

... Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden August 2007   Diospyros mespiliformis is a tall, upright tree that can ... Charaxes achaemenes, feed on the leaves of this tree. Diospyros Propagate this tree from seed, coppice or root ... be sown from August to March. Germination is very good. Diospyros mespiliformis prefers moist areas and grows well in ...

20 / 08 / 2007 | Thompson T Mutshinyalo | Walter Sisulu NBG
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Diospyros lycioides

In fruit
Common names: bluebush, star-apple, monkey plum (Eng.); bloubos (Afr.); Muthala (Venda); Lethanyu (Tswana); Monkga-nku (Southern Sotho); Mtloumana (Northern Sotho);
Family: Ebenaceae

... is the most widely distributed member of the genus Diospyros , growing in its various forms all over southern ... small timber tree, but is most common as a shrub 3 m high. Diospyros Diospyros lycoides grows very well in a well-drained soil in ...

26 / 09 / 2005 | Luambo David Rambuwani | Free State NBG
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Diospyros whyteana

Diospyros whyteana at Kirstenbosch
Common names: bladder-nut, blackbark (Eng.); swartbas (Afr.); mohlatsane (NS); munyavhili (V); umTenatane(X); uManzimane or umKahze(Z)
Family: Ebenaceae

... to turn red to get at the ripe, fleshy berries inside. Diospyros The neat growth habit, glossy dark green leaves and masses of red fruit make Diospyros whyteana an excellent tree for the garden. It can ... scented flowers add that something special to the garden. Diospyros is relatively slow-growing and can be cultivated ...

24 / 06 / 2002 | Cherise Viljoen | Kirstenbosch NBG
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