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Tabernaemontana elegans

Tabernaemontana elegans tree
Common names: toad tree (Eng.); laeveldse paddaboom (Afr.); umKhahlwana, umKhadlu (Zulu); muchanga (Shona)
Family: Apocynaceae

... first to colonise untended cotton fields in Mozambique. Tabernaemontana T. elegans  is a handsome ornamental plant ... name elegans refers to the tree's elegant appearance. Tabernaemontana elegans  is a beautiful bushveld tree that ... fragrant white flowers and large fruit borne in pairs. Tabernaemontana elegans Stapf 644 Tabernaemontana elegans ...

06 / 09 / 2010 | M Cheek | KwaZulu-Natal Herbarium
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Tabernaemontana ventricosa

Fruits of T.ventricosa
Common names: forest toad tree (Eng; bospaddaboom (Afr.); uKhamamasane (Zulu)
Family: Apocynaceae

... and the sweet-smelling flowers attract various insects. Tabernaemontana This small to medium-sized evergreen tree ... and grows relatively fast. The other tree in this genus, Tabernaemontana elegans (toad tree) , is also an excellent ... common name. They occur from February to August. The genus Tabernaemontana can be found throughout tropical America, ...

17 / 01 / 2005 | Lou-nita LeRoux | Lowveld NBG
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