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Vachellia kosiensis

Vachellia kosiensis (Geoff Nichols)
Common names: dune thorn (Eng.); duinesoetdoring (Afr.); umunga (Zulu)
Family: Fabaceae

... confused with its close relative, the Sweet Thorn, Vachellia karroo , and was previously considered to be a coastal form of it. They can be told apart by Vachellia karroo having flowers at the branch ends. Grows on coastal ...

21 / 11 / 2016 | Geoff Nichols | Kirstenbosch NBG
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Vachellia robusta subsp. robusta

Vachellia robusta subsp. robusta. Photo Glenice Ebedes
Common names: broadpod robust thorn (Eng.); enkeldoring (Afr.); mooka (Nso.); mvumbangwenya (Tso.); mokhu (Tsw.); muvumba-ngwena (Ven.);umngamanzi (Zul.)
Family: Fabaceae

... pods adorning the tree from November–August. Vachellia robusta grows fast. Trees are usually deciduous for a short period. ... together with or after the new leaves in spring. Vachellia robusta is variable, and is subdivided into 3 subspecies: ...

14 / 09 / 2015 | Andrew Hankey | Walter Sisulu NBG
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Vachellia tortilis

Vachellia  tortilis subsp. tortilis tree
Common names: Umbrella thorn (Eng.); haak-en-steek (Afr.); mosu (Tswana)
Family: Fabaceae

... Botanical Garden July 2012   Vachellia  tortilis subsp. tortilis reaches heights of between 5 and 20 ... cannot be confused with those of any other South African Vachellia or Senegalia . They are rolled up into a tight circle or wound ...

16 / 07 / 2012 | Tshilidzi Netshisaulu | Free State NBG
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Vachellia hebeclada subsp. hebeclada

Vachellia hebeclada foliage
Common names: candle thorn (Eng.); trassiebos (Afr.); mohae (S. Sotho)
Family: Fabaceae

... it is unlikely to be confused with any other South African Vachellia or Senegalia species, especially when the large upright ... northern provinces of South Africa The flowers of Vachellia hebeclada attract lots of small insects like bees and flies which ...

19 / 04 / 2010 | Stemmer Ngalo | Free State NBG
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Vachellia erioloba

Vachellia erioloba
Common names: camel thorn (Eng.); kameeldoring (Afr.)
Family: Fabaceae

... summer temperatures and severe frosts. In very dry areas Vachellia erioloba occurs along watercourses or where underground water is ... to 60 m, providing access to deep ground water. Vachellia Vachellia erioloba can be propagated easily by seeds. The ...

26 / 12 / 2005 | Mhlonishwa D Dlamini | Walter Sisulu NBG
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Vachellia nilotica subsp. kraussiana

Pods of Vachellia nilotica subsp kraussiana
Common names: scented-pod acacia ( Eng. ); lekkerruikpeul (Afr.); Mogohlo (Northern Sotho); isiThwetwe, umNcawe (Siswati); Motsha (Tshwana); umNqawe (Zulu) African
Family: Fabaceae

... This subspecies occurs south of the Zambezi River. Vachellia This medium to large semi-deciduous tree will grow in most ... ex Delile subsp. kraussiana (Benth.) Brenan .   Vachellia refers to George Harvey Vachell (1789 – 1839), chaplain to the ...

21 / 02 / 2005 | K Behr | Pretoria NBG
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Vachellia sieberiana var. woodii

Vachellia sieberiana var.woodii
Common names: paperbark thorn (Eng.); papierbasdoring (Afr.); Mphoka (North Sotho); umNganduzi (Siswati); Mokha, Morumosetlha (Tswana); Musaunga (Venda); umKhamba (
Family: Fabaceae

... should be limited (also quantities of wilted leaves). Vachellia This tree is easily propagated from seed that has been immersed ... known as Acacia sieberiana var. woodii . Vachellia refers to George Harvey Vachell (1789 – 1839), chaplain to the ...

03 / 11 / 2003 | Pitta Joffe | Pretoria NBG
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Vachellia xanthophloea

Acacia xanthophloea
Common names: Fever tree (English), Koorsboom (Afrikaans), mooka-kwena (Northern Sotho), umHlosinga (Zulu), nkelenga (Tsonga), munzhelenga (Venda).
Family: Fabaceae

... scent of the flowers and perform a pollination role. Vachellia The fever tree is an exceptionally attractive tree and is ... called Acacia xanthophloea . The genus name Vachellia is named a after George Harvey Vachell (1789 – 1839), chaplain to ...

01 / 04 / 2002 | Andrew Hankey | Walter Sisulu NBG
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Vachellia karroo

Flowers of Vachellia karroo
Common names: sweet thorn (English); soetdoring (Afrikaans); mookana (North Sotho); mooka (Tswana); umuNga (Zulu) (Xhosa)
Family: Fabaceae

... National Botanical Garden January 2002   Vachellia karroo has a rounded crown, branching fairly low down on the trunk. ... the size, shape and position of the thorns. Vachellia karroo may be found from the Western Cape through to Zambia and ...

01 / 01 / 2002 | Alice Aubrey | Walter Sisulu NBG
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