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Welwitschia mirabilis

Welwitschia mirabilis in habitat (Ernst van Jaarsveld)
Common names: welwitschia, tumboa, n'tumbo (Angolan), tweeblaarkanniedood (Afr.), !kharos (Nama/Damara), nyanka (Damara), khurub (Nama), onyanga (Herero)
Family: Welwitschiaceae

... Botanical Garden March 2003   An adult welwitschia consists of two leaves, a stem base and roots.That is all! Its two ... the Messum Mountains and is 1.8 m high, and another on the Welwitschia Flats near the Swakop River is 1.2 m tall and 8.7 m wide. Carbon ...

17 / 03 / 2003 | Alice Notten | Kirstenbosch NBG
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