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Cyrtanthus mackenii

Ifafa lilies
Common names: ifafa Lily
Family: Amaryllidaceae

This charming, sweetly scented bulb is long-flowering and easy to cultivate. It belongs to the genus Cyrtanthus which contains many beautiful species.Cyrtanthus...

22 / 07 / 2002 | Graham Duncan | Kirstenbosch NBG
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Cyrtanthus macmasteri

C.macmasteri.  Image Cameron MacMaster
Family: Amaryllidaceae

Cyrtanthus macmasteri was described in 2003 after being found in 1994 by naturalist Cameron McMaster at the Bolo River Gorge in the Eastern Cape....

09 / 10 / 2006 | Suvarna Parbhoo | Pretoria NBG
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Cyrtanthus obliquus

Cyrtanthus obliquus flowers
Common names: Knysna lily (Eng.); Knysnalelie (Afr.); Umathaga (IsiZulu)
Family: Amaryllidaceae

Cyrtanthus obliquus is a very attractive evergreen species, with its large pendulous flowers and grey-green leaves. It would be a welcome addition...

26 / 10 / 2009 | Lufuno Konanani | KwaZulu-Natal NBG
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Cyrtanthus ventricosus

Flowers. Photo Colin Paterson Jones
Common names: fire lily; brandlelie (Afrikaans)
Family: Amaryllidaceae

This plant, a true fire lily, defies the elements by producing its beautiful, salmon to scarlet blooms just nine days after the seemingly destructive effects...

07 / 10 / 2013 | D Snijman | Compton Herbarium
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