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Ozoroa paniculosa

Ozoroa paniculosa tree
Common names: common resin tree, bushveld ozoroa (Eng.): gewone harpuisboom (Afr.); isifice (Zulu); monoko (N. Sotho/Sepedi); mudumbula (Venda)
Family: Anacardiaceae

An attractive, small to medium-sized tree. Its leaves are bluish grey above and silvery below with strikingly straight, parallel side veins....

12 / 04 / 2010 | Terence Mabela | Walter Sisulu NBG
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Ozoroa sphaerocarpa

Tree growing in habitat
Common names: currant resin tree; korenteharpuisboom (Afr.); imfuce lemnyamma (IsiSwati); monoko (Sepedi)
Family: Anacardiaceae

This relatively small currant resin tree has small whitish flowers, with the sexes occurring on separate plants.  It is of highly valued by rural...

08 / 12 / 2014 | Mahlatse Mogale | TSP
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