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Xysmalobium pedifoetidum

Flower head
Common names: northern red-flowered cartwheel
Family: Apocynaceae

... S. P. Bester National Herbarium (PRE) July 2013   Xysmalobium pedifoetidum plants are perennial herbs that die ... in the life cycle of the plant), but like most other Xysmalobium species (e.g. X. involucratum and X. undulatum ), ... for nectar. The rate of successful pollination is low. In Xysmalobium the production of fruit compared to the number of ...

29 / 07 / 2013 | Stoffel Petrus Pieter Bester | National Herbarium Pretoria
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Xysmalobium undulatum

Xysmalobium undulatum flowers
Common names: milk bush, milkwort, uzura, wild cotton, wave-leaved xysmalobium (Eng.); bitterhout, bitterwortel, bitterhoutwortel, melkbos (Afr.); leshokoa, poho-t¬
Family: Apocynaceae

... ; All parts of the plant exude a milky sap when damaged. Xysmalobium undulatum is widely distributed in mainly the ... predatory insects, butterflies and even birds to a garden. Xysmalobium Xysmalobium undulatum is generally not cultivated, but is ...

29 / 12 / 2008 | Stoffel Petrus Pieter Bester | National Herbarium Pretoria
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Xysmalobium involucratum

Common names: scented xysmalobium (Eng.); hongersnoodwortel, hongersnoodbossie, melkbossie (Afr.); udambisomkhulu, udelunina (isiZulu)
Family: Apocynaceae

... and cattle, sometimes well before they reach maturity. Xysmalobium This is a grassland plant that survives in ... can also be applied to the more commonly seen and used Xysmalobium undulatum which sometimes grows as a weed. ... reduced to subfamily level under the family Apocynaceae. Xysmalobium is derived from the Greek, xusma meaning ...

15 / 11 / 2004 | Mkhipheni Ngwenya | KwaZulu-Natal NBG
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